Join the Jewish Monthly Tea Experience!

Enjoy every month in the Hebrew year with a new moon delivery of organic herbal blends and immersive activities that deepen your connection to the wisdom. Great for individuals and groups, and for gathering in-person or virtually.

6 month subscription

$18/month, cancel after 6 months

Begin each month in the Hebrew year with an herbal blend that embodies the energies and teachings of the month. Each delivery contains 20 servings of organic loose leaf herbs, so there’s plenty of goodness for you to share or enjoy on your own.

Your monthly delivery also includes a Monthly Teaching that explains each herb and its connection to the healing properties, seasonal changes, associated body parts, and intrinsic wisdom of the Hebrew month. Along with the teaching, you’ll receive a Gathering Guide with activities, movements, songs, and prompts for each month/blend, to help you throw the perfect in-person or virtual tea party!

Subscription and cancellation details

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Month-to-month subscription

$25/month, cancel any time

Excited about The Jewish Monthly Tea Experience but not sure if you’re ready to make a 6 month commitment? No worries, we got you. At this subscription level you get everything listed above, but can cancel any time. Once you know you love it, you can decide at any point to upgrade to the 6 month subscription level.

Subscription and cancellation details

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Want to hear from us?

If you want to make sure you get notified about upcoming products, offerings, and when The Jewish Planner goes live, this is the place.

Hey, we are Amanda and Mo

We create immersive products to help you deepen your connection to Jewish wisdom and culture.

Your life is Jewish AND not. You’re in deep relationship with the ancient AND the very new and ever-changing. You care about urban centers AND the wilderness. Us too! And we want our community to have all the powerful, inspiring, necessary tools to live our lives to the fullest. That’s why we do what we do.

In addition to The Jewish Monthly Tea Experience, we offer The Jewish Planner, a weekly planner that integrates the Hebrew and Gregorian dates in an easy-to-use, elegant, and portable form. If you missed our recent Kickstarter for the 5781 planner, don’t worry, we will be selling it here very soon. And if you backed our campaign (Thank you!!!), we will be reaching out very soon with details on how to redeem your reward.

And this is Chelsea!

Chelsea Taxman has used her expertise and intuition to create the herbal blends for each of the Hebrew months.

She’s also taken the lead on designing the teachings, activities, and guidance that you’ll get each month with your tea subscription. Chelsea identifies as a community herbalist and educator with support from her Ashkenazi ancestors, teachers, mentors, and her intuition. Her gift is working with plants to aid in the deep healing we need to move toward a liberated world our hearts know is possible. Her herbal practice combines many traditions such as Land-Based Judaism, Ayurveda, Raja Yoga, Chinese Herbalism, Permaculture, and Western Astrology. Her work is an effort to empower people to take charge of their health and life and awaken their own queerness, intuition, and magic! You can follow Chelsea on Instagram at @moon.beam.dreams.

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