Tea Experience

How do I cancel or update my tea subscription? I have moved or my payment information has changed.

You can access your account area to view orders, change password, and more at: https://goldherring.com/my-account/. Your username should be your email address and you can click “lost your password” to set a new password. Click on “subscriptions” and then select the Monthly Tea Experience, then make changes as needed.

What is the first month in my subscription and when is it going to arrive?

Our cancel/subscribe cut-off dates are always listed in the Tea Subscription product page, and are for the following Hebrew month. This means that the first month in your subscription will arrive 1-2 months after the date you purchased the subscription, depending on timing.

Let me give an example: let’s say you go to buy a new subscription on March 9th, and the cut-off date for Iyar is March 10th. Iyar begins April 12th at sundown, which means that the first month in your subscription — Iyar– will arrive about 1 month later. If you happened to get distracted however, and end up purchasing your subscription on March 11, that is after the cut-off date for Iyar. That means that the first month in your subscription will be the month of Sivan, and you would receive it about 2 months after your order date. It’s all about timing, which is hard when you have the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars to work with. Oh wait…we have something to help with that…

I have allergies / is the tea Kosher?

Our tea blends are all pure herbs, with no added chemicals, colors, or other ingredients. All blends are caffeine free. While the individual herbs are all Kosher certified and Organic, they are not prepared in a Kosher supervised kitchen, so the blends are not labeled Kosher even though they are. The kitchen used for mixing and packing our custom blends is completely vegan except for honey, so there is no concern of dairy or meat cross-contamination. The herbs are packed in a facility that uses nuts and peanuts.

Digital Products

I didn’t get the digital download link.

If you ordered a digital product, the link for your download will be on the order confirmation page as well as in an automated email sent to you. Check your spam folder if you can’t find it. If you still can’t find it, send us an email at help@goldherring.com and we’ll get you that link!
I'm using one of your digital downloads in my programming. Is it ok to share the digital download with multiple participants?
If you are using your digital download in an educational setting, your single download license is good for up to 30 participants in a single group. Your license includes sharing your screen in a virtual class, printing copies of sections to distribute to participants, and sending the file out to your students for home use. Your license does not include distributing the file for a paid service, to more than 30 people, to multiple cohorts, or for organization-wide use. If you would like an extended license for uses out of scope, please contact hello@goldherring.com .


I have no order confirmation email. What do I do?

After you order, we send you an emailed receipt. Then, when your order is shipped, we email you tracking information. Some of our automated emails get put in your spam folder! Check there first and if you can’t find it, email help@goldherring.com and we’ll send it again.

I messed up using my coupon, or entered the wrong address at checkout… help!

Just send the correction to help@goldherring.com and we’ll help you take care of it.

My coupon code isn’t working.

Check that the email you used when you signed up for our Kickstarter is the one you’re using at checkout, coupons are connected to emails.
Do you ship internationally?
The Jewish Monthly Tea Experience cannot be shipped internationally due to food regulations. All other Gold Herring offerings go worldwide! Simply put in the shipping address at checkout, and you will get an updated shipping estimate on our website. We charge what it costs us to ship internationally, but there may be an additional import (VAT) tax depending on your country when you pick it up. We have no control over that fee.

I’m ordering this as a gift. Do you include pricing or receipts in your packages?

We do not include any pricing or receipt information in our box shipments. We have found that many of our customers send our products as gifts, and it’s easier to email you the order details and then ship the package with just the product.

I'm ordering this as a gift and I really want to leave a custom note. Where can I do that?

We are unable to provide custom gift notes at this time unless you’re doing a bulk order of 20 or more. If you would still like to leave a message, the note will be printed on the shipping label next to their address on the outside of the package. Please input this brief message in the “Order Notes” box when you are checking out.


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