The Jewish Planner 5782


A beautiful weekly planner based in the Hebrew calendar with monthly teachings, illustrations, and journal prompts.

The Jewish Planner 5782 begins in Elul 5781 and goes through Elul 5782, which lines up with August 8th, 2021 – September 26th 2022.

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  • “I love it. The layout is so gorgeous. I love the artistic renderings and drawings that live on the pages. I love the verse snippets on the weekly spread pages, and I love the idea of the teachings each month. This calendar takes the concept of a planner and makes it so much more intentional. It allows the calendar to move from a chain holding us down to a work of art that adds meaning to our lives. Everyone should have one!”

Rabbi Josh Warshawsky, musician and song leader

  • “As someone who trains Jewish nature professionals and plans much of my year around the Jewish calendar, having a well-designed planner with both the Hebrew and the Gregorian year was an exciting and highly compelling idea. The design of The Jewish Planner offers me an opportunity to think differently about how I represent a given planned week of my life.”

Yoshi Silverstein, founder of Mitsui Collective

  • “The Jewish Planner is great for people who have Judaism as a part of their daily life. For example, in a business like mine, which centers around a Jewish calendar, Gregorian calendar, and fashion calendar, having somewhere to compile all scheduling is a great tool.”

Ariel Tidhar, Jewish jewelry designer

  • “The Jewish Planner is so rich, there’s so much, which speaks to the complexity of time. You’ve created something you can hold in your hand to essentially hold all of that, all the complexity.”

– Jodi Balis, host of the Purple Honey Podcast

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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 2 in

Instant Download Digital $12, Physical $36, Physical & Digital $48

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