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A beautiful weekly planner based in the Hebrew calendar with monthly teachings, illustrations, and journal prompts.

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This planner is designed for people who are newly following the Jewish cycles, as well as for those who have been connected to the Jewish calendar their whole lives.

We live in a world where the Gregorian calendar dominates, and it is often difficult to reconcile its rhythms with the rhythms of nature and Jewish tradition.  If you’ve ever tried to keep track of important Jewish dates, their teachings, and how they’re relevant to our current world – while at the same time keeping up with the demands of the modern world – you know it’s close to impossible. There’s no single source we could find that intersects the Jewish calendar and the Gregorian one in a way that respects both and could be carried with you day to day. Furthermore, it takes hunting through multiple sources to find teachings and inspiration for each Jewish cycle or important date, which then has to be scribbled in the margins of a standard agenda.

This planner is the solution.

Through its design, this planner implicitly offers wisdom about lunar cycles, connection to nature, and Jewish traditions. Through the elegant integration of both calendar systems, the user is offered an opportunity to align these two aspects of self. There are teachings, quotes, and other short texts that guide us closer to living in synchronicity with nature and Jewish cycles of time.

Our hope is that this planner will allow meaningful accessibility for connection with the Jewish calendar. This can serve as a container or structure to align your life and tasks with the natural rhythms and energies of the seasons, agricultural cycle, holidays, and Shabbat.

Monthly Spread
Monthly Spread

We’ve laid out the lunar and solar calendars so you can keep track of them simultaneously, while also using the planner for important dates and appointments. The offset of the two calendars are visually connected by shaded blocks representing sundown.

Monthly Detail
Monthly Detail
Weekly Spread
Weekly Spread

This wheel connects you to the cyclical nature of the week, the perpetual return of Shabbat – while providing insights into where this week falls in the broader cycle of the year.

Monthly Teaching
Monthly Teaching

With Jewish teachings, prompts for reflections, and space to take notes, this can be an all-purpose tool that integrates ancient wisdom and modern practicality.

Monthly Journaling

 Planner: Digital

Print your own planner or view it as a pdf on a device. This option is great for Jewish educators working in an organization. You can work with your team to plan around seasonal themes and holidays without needing to print anything out. (Consider buying in addition to a physical planner)

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